Danny's Solo RAAM Rider Indexes

I have compiled a complete list of all the brave 263 men and courageous 46 women who have started solo RAAM.  Included are their placings, times, and average speeds.  Unofficial finishes
are included and miles ridden before DNFs.  One list goes in chronological order while the
other list is alphabetical.  Please give me some input as to which form you like better.  

E stands for Enduro division.
U stands for Unofficial finish.
Y stands for Youngest finisher Ben Couturier.
O stands for Oldest male finisher Fred Boethling and Oldest female finisher Bonnie Allison.
R stands for Rookie-of-the-Year
DNF stands for Did Not Finish followed by miles ridden before quitting.

In the female list, I have also included overall placings for good times.  For example, the listing
Hogan, Seana  1{4}(1995)9:04:17/13.22   means that Seana won the 1995 women's race and placed 4th overall with a finishing time of 9 Days, 4 Hours, 17 Minutes, and average speed of 13.22 mph.

If you print them out, use Landscape (sideways paper) so that you get all of the columns.  
My lists makes it very easy to compare two RAAM riders' results such as Paul Solon versus Fabio
Biasiolo.  Paul has started 8 RAAMs and Fabio 10.  Fabio has 5 finishes but no wins.  Paul has 2 finishes including 1 win.  However, Fabio has more total RAAM miles ridden including all of their many DNFs.  

Chronological Male Rider Index                 Chronological Female Rider Index          

Alphabetical Male Rider Index
                   Alphabetical Female Rider Index      

Using my new male and female solo RAAM rider indexes, I have come up with the following statistics:

PEOPLE (both men and women):

For the 25 RAAMs from 1982 - 2006,  309 brave people have started

161 or 52% have finished   and  40 have finished unofficially

12 people fall into both categories above.  They are Robert Benorden, Matt Bond, Tom Buckley,
Tally Chapman, Tom Davies, Rob Kish, Keith Krombel, Terry Lansdell, Jim Penseyres, Kaname
Sakurai, Rob Templin, & Michale Trail.

This means that 189 people or 61% have ridden all the way to the finish line.  

120 people did not make it to the finish line.  
FEMALE:   46 WOMEN have started RAAM

22 or 48% have finished  and  only 1 finished unofficially

8 have finished at least twice

Elaine Mariolle, Susan Notorangelo, & Muffy Ritz have finished 3 times each

Seana Hogan has finished and won 6 times!  

There have been 37 finishes (55%) out of 67 starts.  

Most DNFs without a finish - 2 by Emmy Klassen

Most finishes without a DNF - 3 by Elaine Mariolle & 3 by Muffy Ritz

11 women have won RAAM and 3 have cracked the 10 day barrier:  Hogan 3 times, Ritz twice, and Notorangelo once. 

Only two women [Hogan & Ritz] have averaged over 13 mph.  

Notorangelo & Cassie Lowe are both 2 time winners.

MALE:     263 MEN have started RAAM

139 or 53% have finished  and  39 have finished unofficially including Kish

39 was Kish's original RAAM number

54 have finished at least twice

22 have finished at least 3 times

11 have finished at least 4 times:
  Lon Haldeman has 4 finishes and 1 DNF
  Pat Ward has 4 finishes and 2 DNFs
  Bob Fourney has 4 finishes and 3 DNFs
  Dave Kees has 4 finishes and 4 DNFs

7 have finished at least 5 times:

  Michael Secrest has 5 finishes and 1 DNF
  Rick Kent has 5 finishes and 1 DNF
  Fabio Biasiolo has 5 finishes and 5 DNFs

4 have finished at least 7 times:

  Wolfgang Fasching has 7 finishes

  Gerry Tatrai has 7 finishes and 1 DNF

2 have finished at least 8 times:

  Danny Chew has 8 finishes

Rob Kish has 18 finishes, 1 unofficial finish, and 1 DNF

There have been 255 finishes (50%) and 40 unofficial finishes out of 505 starts.  

Most DNFs without a finish - 4 by Dennis Bock & 4 by Aldo Calandro

Most DNFs - 6 by Paul Solon

Most finishes without a win - 5 by Rick Kent & 5 by Fabio Biasiolo

Most starts without a win - 10 by Fabio Biasiolo

Most 2nd place finishes - 6 by Kish

Most 3rd place finishes - 4 by Tatrai

15 men have won RAAM and 17 have cracked the 9 day barrier. 

Danny's Team RAAM Rider Indexes

There have been 9 solo GABR/RAAM race directors thus far.
They are:

1982 - Jerry Kushnick
1983-1985 - Robert Hustwit
1986-1992 - John Marino
1993-1995 - Michael Shermer
1996-1999 - Nick Gerlich
2000-2002 - Lon Haldeman and Susan Notorangelo
2003-2006 - Jim Pitre
2007-???? - Terry Zmrhal