The 2nd Annual (2nd running) of the Dirty Dozen was held on Sunday, January 8th. 4 riders rode on a cold [high Temp. of 34 degrees F], windy and partly sunny day with wet roads from snowmelt. The riders were:

Danny Chew
*Jonathan Pratt
*Mike Alex DNF
*Scott Dismukes DNF

* Denotes a first time rookie Dirty Dozen rider.

We substituted Marion, Windsor, & Decatur (all in Forest Hills at the end) for Shimmer & Greenleaf. A light snowfall overnight caused the roads to be salted and white. Jon had 2 flats. Scott had to walk up some of the tougher hills. On my 1st try up closed, snow-covered Berryhill I crashed, but I made it on my 2nd attempt in a 24 tooth cog. Mike & Scott walked up it. I did Pig Hill twice - I carried Jon's flattened pump (got run over by a car) in my teeth up the 2nd time. Mike & Scott left/quit after the 7th hill (Suffolk). My upper body was useless by the top part of Barry H. Eleanor. There was smog in Hazelwood. We got off route in North Braddock where Jon began bonking badly. We stopped for a fruit pie in Forest Hills. I was deemed the strongman.