The 3rd Annual Dirty Dozen was held on Sunday, November 3rd. 6 riders rode on a cool [high Temp. of 54 degrees F] and cloudy day with RAIN (heavy at times) the entire ride. The riders were:

Danny Chew
Bob Gottlieb
*Mark Colenbrander
*Ed Kaufman
*Lane Rodgers DNF
*Joe Cassele DNF

* Denotes a first time rookie Dirty Dozen rider.

Lane & I left my house in heavy rain. Bob flatted at the start (Highland Park Reservoir). My father Hal drove behind us. I won 7 hills - Center, Logan, Pig Hill, Suffolk, Welsh Way, Barry H. Eleanor, & Flowers/Tesla. Lane won 5 - Sharps Hill, High/Seavey, Berryhill, Greenleaf, & Canton. Poor Joe (in cleatless shoes) didn't even make the first hill. Lane usually beat me because I attacked too early and blew up. Pittsburgh Press photographer Greg Griffith ran out of film after Berryhill, so he went home. Ed's freewheel was binding up (sticking) on him. I did Canton twice. After winning Canton, Lane had his 2nd flat tire (sew-ups), and had to quit. At that point, he was up on me 5 to 4 hill wins. He drove back home with my father Hal who followed us through the Liberty Tubes. Because Lane and I were so similar in strength, I cut him a break, and named his as co-winner (with me) even though he dropped out. I made each hill on my first attempt even though the cobblestones were very slippery. Lane also made each hill he attempted on his first try. Pig Hill & Canton both got Bob on his 1st try, but he made them on his 2nd attempt. Even though Mark & Ed 'finished' the ride, they had to walk up some of the hills.