The 4th Annual Dirty Dozen was held on Sunday, November 2nd. 8 riders rode on a mild [high Temp. of 52 degrees F] and sunny day. The riders were:

Bob Gottlieb
Danny Chew
Mark Colenbrander
*Mark Hess
*Angelo Cialone
*Tyrone Gregg
*Gerry Pflug DNF
*Alan Orlansky DNF

* Denotes a first time rookie Dirty Dozen rider.

We waited for my father Hal & Pittsburgh Pro Bikes owner Bud Harris (Thrift Drug Classic pro bike race promoter) until 1 p.m. in Aspinwall, and then started the DD without them. Bob earned "Strongman" title by winning the most hills. I won Logan, Welsh Way, Barry H. Eleanore, & Flowers/Tesla. Mark Colenbrander won High St./Seavey Rd. & Greenleaf. Bob won the rest. Gerry Pflug (with only a 21 cog) left for home on Rt. 8 after 3 hills. We met Hal, Bud, & Pittsburgh Pro Bikes (my sponsor) owner Alan Orlansky atop of Pig Hill where Bud began filming us. Alan spun up the hills on his mountain bike. Atop of Canton Ave., a man told us of a "Steeper Hill" in Beechview. Although not quite as steep as Canton, but longer, Boustead St. was DD quality, so Bob & I climbed it 3 times and put it on the DD for everybody else to climb. We rode through the Liberty Tubes.