2018 Dirty Dozen Bicycle Ride on Saturday, November 24th

What: The 36th Annual Dirty Dozen Bicycle Ride up 13 of the Pittsburgh area's steepest hills

Where: **New Location** Registration, check-in and ride start are at the Rhododendron Shelter, Lake Dr, Highland Park, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

When: Early registration is open now. Registration and check-in start at 8:00 am on the day of the event, November 24th. Groups of riders depart from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, competitors first. Registration for competitors ends at 8:45 am.

The 2018 event
2018 media links

Event categories
Parking and rider drop-off
Food stops
Support vehicles
Being an official finisher
Points competition
Official 2018 Dirty Dozen Jerseys
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The 2018 event

Danny Chew continues as director of this unique cycling event. Danny has made progress since his 2016 accident, which cost him the use of his legs. In May, Danny rode a hand-cycle in the Pittsburgh Marathon and finished in a respectable 3:09. Danny faces continuing challenges in his recovery, and your participation in the Dirty Dozen will help to support him. Additional donations can be made via
You Caring or Help Hope Live (tax deductible).

2018 media links

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Registration online is open through 9 am, November 22nd, and postal entries must be received by November 19th. Event-day registration opens at 8:00 am for unfilled categories. Entry fees are $5 higher on event-day. Registration is free for hand-cyclists.

Online registration is available at BikeReg.com.

You can register via PayPal as follows: Send the funds to DanChew8@gmail.com. In the PayPal note include the name, age on DD day, gender, entry category, e-mail address, home city and state (or country) and number of DDs ridden (including this year) of each of the people you are registering. Fees are $60 for the Select Open Competition, $50 for the Women's Competition, and $50 for all other categories. State rider qualifications for entries in the Select Open Competition; in case there are too many requests to enter this category the organizers reserve the right to downgrade less qualified entrants and refund the difference in fees.

To register by US Mail, print out the Liability Waiver / Entry Form, fill it out, sign it, and mail it along with a check for $60 (Select Open Competition, include qualifications) or $50 (all other categories) to:

Danny Chew
5846 Marlborough Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Entry fees are non-refundable if the DD is held on Saturday, November 24, 2018. Although the event has never been called off due to weather, accumulating snow or ice could lead to cancellation.

Entry Categories

Select Open Competition—The first group is for qualified riders who compete in a mass start fashion. Points are accumulated from ALL contested hill climbs to qualify for podium awards.
Women's Competition—All women who would like to compete, but not in the open event.
Licensed Group—This group requires a USAC license, but is not competitive (unofficial competition is allowed).
Club Heat—Registrants are expected to be experienced group riders capable of riding in close proximity.
DD Fan Club Heat—Registrants in this group are expected to be strong climbers, but not necessarily experienced group riders.
Enthusiasts Heat—Registrants in this group are expected to be strong climbers, but not necessarily experienced group riders.
Party Bus—Registrants in this group are here for the fun of it.
Party Bus 2—Registrants in this group are here for the fun of it.
Caboose—Hey, the weather is good, why not?
• Hand-cycle—A prize of $100 is offered to the first handcyclist to complete the Dirty Dozen.


On event day those who have registered in advance will only need to pick up their numbers, and sign waivers if they haven't already. Helmet numbers are to be mounted on the front, center of your helmet, just above the brim. These will be needed for identification throughout the ride. Competitors will also receive frame numbers, which are to be mounted towards the front of the bikes' top tubes where they are clearly visible from either side. You must mount these to receive points!

Parking and rider drop-off

Parking is available where the ride starts, along Lake Drive. Parking in many locations along Beechwood Boulevard is also an option. Beechwood is used to transit from the last hill back to the starting location. If you park on Beechwood then you can ride to the starting location as a warm-up, and have less distance to your vehicle after the last hill.

Please avoid parking or rider pick-ups at the top of the last hill—Flowers/Kilbourne/Tesla. The congestion antagonizes the local residents. Group leaders will escort groups of riders from the last hill back to the ride starting point off of Lake Drive.


This link provides the most likely route for 2018. There are two changes from last year: 1) Christopher Street is the first climb. 2) We will ride up and back down Logan Street before the first food stop. After the stop we will proceed directly to the base of Rialto Street, staying along the river.

The route is about 50 miles if you include the section back to the starting location from the final hill. Typically the ride takes at least 5 hours to complete because of the stops and the easy pace between the hills. Most or all of the route can be toured virtually with Street View on Google Maps.

Click here for a version of the route stored on the Garmin website. This may be transferred to Garmin devices and will be updated as the route is finalized. It can be used for training on all the hills.

Click here for a listing of the hills, history of the event, and former winners.

Click here for the Strava page of the 2016 route.

Click here for a RideWithGPS page of an older route.

Click here for a cue sheet of another old route (do not ride through the Liberty Tunnels).


Danny recommends a low gear of 39x27 for racers, and 34x28 or lower for recreational riders. These assume 700c wheels.

Food stops

There are two official food stops. The first is at Millvale's Riverfront Park on the Allegheny River. This is at the bottom of the fifth hill, Logan Street. This year the first stop is after the Logan Street climb. Riders will come back down Logan and proceed to the park. There will be two portable toilets in the area. Please give female riders priority access. The second stop is at the top of the ninth hill, Canton Avenue. There will be two portable toilets near the end of the street. Snacks and drinks will be provided to registered riders at both locations.

Support vehicles

Biketek Pittsburgh is providing one support vehicle with a mechanic, which will follow the first group of riders.

Being an official finisher

You must successfully ride every hill in the event to be an official finisher. Successfully riding a hill means that you make continuous uphill progress to the top under your own current leg or arm power, and the only contact points with the ground are the two wheels; falling down, putting a foot down, grabbing poles or other stationary or moving objects, jockeying in place, etc. are disqualifying, and the hill must be restarted from the bottom if any of these occur. “Finisher” ribbons will be awarded to riders certifying they successfully rode every hill. The “continuous uphill progress” rule is waived for hand-cyclists. These riders may stop temporarily and even drift backwards; they must simply make each hill on their own power while staying on their cycles.

Points competition

The lead group of riders will contain those riders wanting to compete for points on the contested hills. The number of positions available for men in the lead group is limited, so those wanting to compete are strongly encouraged to register early. Enter this group only if you are qualified and have a realistic chance of scoring points. This category is open to men and women.

The second group will consist of women who want to compete, but not in the open category.

The pace between the hills is neutral and riders must stay together. When approaching the start of a hill, riders must stay even with or behind the riding official who signals hill starts. The official blows a whistle at the beginning of each contested hill. Only then may riders go as hard as they want to the top in an attempt to score points, while still remaining alert for road hazards and traffic. For the open competition, a ten-place points system (10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, & 1) will be used at the top of each hill to determine overall podium positions. For the women, a five-place points system (5, 4, 3, 2, & 1) will be used at the top of each hill to determine overall podium positions.

To remain eligible for a placing in the points competition riders must be official finishers as described above and finish the final hill within 20 minutes of the first finisher of that hill. This is intended as an allowance for mechanical problems that occur later in the event. Riders not making the final hill time cutoff will retain their points, but will be ranked below finishers arriving in time. The competitive events have prizes based on total points, ten for the open competition and three for the women's competition. The top ten open competition finishers and the top three women finishers each receive a trophy. The cash prizes are as follows:

1st open event finisher - $ 300
2nd open event finisher - $ 200
3rd open event finisher - $ 100
4th open event finisher - $ 75
5th open event finisher - $ 50
6th open event finisher - $ 25

1st women's event finisher - $ 300
2nd women's event finisher - $ 200
3rd women's event finisher - $ 100

If two or more riders have the same point totals then a tiebreaker will be applied: Whoever has the greater number of higher placings, starting with the highest, wins the tie. For example, a rider with a single 9
th-place hill finish receives two points and wins the tie against a rider with two 10th-place finishes who also receives a total of two points.

On contested climbs, maneuvers that are dangerous to others and/or would be considered violations in standard road racing, may be considered rule violations in this event. Rule violations are subject to penalties applied at the discretion of the officials, and may range from loss of points on one hill to disqualification from the points competition.

Official 2018 Dirty Dozen Jerseys

Jerseys are available from Aero Tech Designs. Proceeds will benefit Danny.


A big thanks to our new and returning sponsors:

Aero Tech Designs

Biketek Pittsburgh

Cycling Fusion

Eat'n Park Restaurants

The Fire Side Public House

Millvale Borough
After the Dirty Dozen, when you don't need all those extra red blood cells, please consider giving blood at the Millvale Community Kennywood Lights Blood Drive. This is on Friday, November 30, 2018. All participating donors will receive one Kennywood Park Holiday Lights ticket!

NuGo Nutrition

Three Rivers Rowing Association


The after-party is at The Fire Side Public House, 6290 Broad Street, Pittsburgh 15206. The time is from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. A bicycle valet will be available. Cost is $10 per person and the buffet menu is:

Refillable non-alcoholic beverage
Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken and Jackfruit with slider buns, three different types of BBQ sauce available if desired
Mac N Cheese
Garden Salad with balsamic or ranch dressing
Grilled Corn N Onions