After a warm-up ride of 108 miles on Friday, Danny
beat his old 8 day Hell Week mileage record of 1,210
miles set last year by 149 miles which means he
averaged a full 30 Kilometers more per day in 2000.
The following are his stats:

Saturday - 173 miles riding with Peter Mooney, Larry
Schwartz, Dave Buegler, Wayne Hanno, Dave Michaud,
Martin Pahl, Reed Finfrock, and Mark Patten.

Sunday - 185 miles riding with Martin Pahl, Peter
Mooney, Larry Schwartz, Dan Driscoll, and Mark Patten.

Monday - 167 miles riding with Dan Driscoll, Reed
Finfrock, Mark Patten, Martin Pahl, Randy Roberts,
Dave Michaud, Dave Buegler, Don Hughes/Debra
Beaudin/Adrian Harris all on a triple bke, Dan Opdyke,
Matt Bond, and Merry Vander Linden.

Tuesday - 132 miles riding with Dan Opdyke, Peter
Mooney, Mark Patten, Reed Finfrock, Adrian Harris,
Dave Michaud, and Nick Gerlich.

Wednesday - 170 miles riding with Dan Opdyke, Peter
Mooney, Martin Pahl, Paul Evans, Mark Patten, Gil
Eaton, and Merry Vander Linden.

Thursday - 192 miles riding with Shelby Miller, Merry
Vander Linden, Nick Gerlich, Rick Anderson, Dave
Tanner, Sherri Bullock, Martin Pahl, Jim Solanick, and
Wayne Hanno.

Friday - 168 miles riding with Larry Schwartz, Mark
Patten, Martin Pahl, Nick Gerlich, Dave Tanner, Wayne
Hanno, Shelby Miller, and Dave Buegler.

Saturday - 172 miles riding with Martin Pahl, Dave
Buegler, Merry Vander Linden, and Bob Rich.

For a new 8 day Hell Week mileage record of 1,359
miles which is just under 170 mile per day average.
Only one rider[Dave Buegler]was with Danny when he
eclipsed last year's record just 23 miles into the
last day's ride up to Llano.