Danny's Mileage Tables
Starting in 1978, see exactly how I accumulate my outside million road miles by navigating through my daily, weekly, monthly, & yearly tables along with century streaks & 1,000+ mile weeks charts, and graphs. 

Daily Table          Weekly Table          Monthly Table

Concerning my Yearly Table, ski miles are cross country or Nordic skiing and # up CoL stands for the number of times stepclimbed up all 36 floors of the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning building.  Since these alternative forms of exercise do not show up on my daily, weekly, & monthly tables, a 0 on the daily table doesn't always mean that I didn't exercise that day. 

Concerning my Century Streaks, I define a century streak as 6 or more consecutive centuries which can be ridden in many different ways:  2 centuries & 2 doubles or 2 triples or 3 doubles or 1 quadruple & 1 double or 1 century, 1 double & 1 triple or 25 centuries or 10 doubles.  RAAM only counts as 1 century streak.  A century streak is different from averaging 100 miles per day where some days can be much less than centuries.  Every day has to be at least 100 miles, not 98 or 99.  Once you drop below 100 miles, the streak is over.  Red means that 1,000+ mile week(s) are included in that century streak.  Purple means that 2,000+ mile weeks/RAAM are included in that century streak.  My yearly table total of 78 century streaks doesn't match up with my century streak chart total of 75 because 3 of my century streaks overlap (late December/early January) into 2 different years.

Concerning my 1,000+ Mile Weeks, I allow a week to be any consecutive 7 day period.  143 or more miles have to be averaged per day for the prestigious 4 digit week.  Most 1,000+ mile weeks contain century streaks, but this is not always the case as in my very first one - way back in May, 1983 when a broken rear axile (problem solved when Shimano invented the free or cassette hub widely used today) prevented me from riding 100 miles in the middle of my big week.  I was able to get 2,000+ mile weeks in all 8 of my RAAMs, but only 5 additional 1,000+ mile weeks in 5 of those RAAMs.  Notice that my 2,000+ mile weeks each count as double 1,000+ mile weeks.