What The Pros Have To Say
About DANNY CHEW!!!!

Tom Schuler
1987 CoreStates US PRO Road Champion - Philadelphia, PA
Danny placed 16th in this race!!

"Danny Chew is a sponsors dream. He endorses the equipment and products he uses because he believes in them and he is a great spokesman because he has enthusiasm for the companies and products he represents. That's all there is too it.
Oh, and by the way, it doesn't hurt that he's the best too! "
Tom Schuler Team Sports Inc.

Davis Phinney
America's winningest bicycle racer!

Two time Tour De France stage winner (86 - 87)
Olympic bronze medal (84)
US Pro Champion (91)
300+ career victories!

"I've known Danny Chew for well over 20 years and I've rarely seen a more dedicated and committed athlete. He is a mega-mileage cycling ambassador, who shows us all how far and fast it is possible to travel by bike. He turns what many would consider grueling endurance tests into exciting high speed races."

** One of this webmaster's claims to fame (a really big honor) is that he finished in front Mr. Phinney at the 1987 National Capital Open in
Washington D.C. !!!!!!!!! ( Did I memtion that Davis led out the field for 2 laps?)